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Hey daddy, how you doin sexy?
poomiepoomypumi asked

Oh Pumi, I knew someone would love me XDDD

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Somebody flirt with me

anon or not

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S & R
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Last song I sang:  In front of a crowd… Hungry Like the Wolf, Duran Duran.
Reason to smile:  idk, kinda being a “Sad drunk” atm.  but just the chance to be at a school to chase my dreams. or at least try.

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put a letter in my ask

  1. ‎A - Available?
  2. B - Birthday?
  3. C - Crushing on?
  4. D - Drink you last had?
  5. E - Easiest person to talk to?
  6. F - Favourite song?
  7. G - Grade i hated?
  8. H - Hometown?
  9. I - Icecream flavour?
  10. J - Jellybean flavour?
  11. K - Killed someone?
  12. L- Longest friendship?
  13. M - Milkshake flavour?
  14. N - Number of siblings?
  15. O - One wish?
  16. P - Person who called me last?
  17. Q - Question your always asked?
  18. R - Reason to smile?
  19. S - Song i last sung?
  20. T - Time you woke up?
  21. U - Umbrella colour?
  22. V - Very best friend?
  23. W - Which celebrity i’d marry?
  24. X - X rays i had?
  25. Y - Your last time you cried?
  26. Z - Zodiac sign?
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I’m curious. If you met me. What would you do?

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omg ask these please they're so cutE

  1. Blue: What song do you listen to when you're feeling down?
  2. Cup: Do you drink Tea or Coffee?
  3. English: How many languages can you speak?
  4. Fear: Tell us three fears.
  5. Game: What was the last board game you played?
  6. Read: What was the last book you read?
  7. Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?
  8. Jump: Do five jumping jacks/star jump.
  9. Kiss: Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
  10. Love: Do you believe in marriage?
  11. Money: What would you do with 1 million dollars?
  12. Naughty: Tell us three things that your parents disapprove of?
  13. Oops: What is one thing you'd like to change/fix?
  14. Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.
  15. Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.
  16. Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore.
  17. Star-sign: When's your birthday?
  18. Teacher: What do you aspire to be?
  19. Unite: Do you sponsor a cause?
  20. Varsity: Do you play/watch sport?
  21. Xylophone: Do you play an instrument?
  22. Yellow: What's your favourite colour?
  23. Zoo: What is your favourite animal?
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If you have a crush on me, anonymously tell me why.

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Yeah :D

There are some things in this world i just can’t handle.

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the evolution of zelda games

for rouya